Mandy & Daniel / The Willows

Having your wedding ceremony and reception in one place is such a great way to do it!  This works out better for your guests – they don’t have to move!  They can have a drink and just relax!  It’s way more chill for you (bride and groom) too!  You don’t have to stress about travel times or anything!  It’s all taken care of at the one venue.  As a photographer I love this too!  I find that everyone is way more relaxed and there are always great photo opportunity’s when everyone is feeling good!


Mandy and Daniel got hitched at The Willows.  A cute little venue just off St Kilda Rd.  This place has good food and great vibes!  A classic looking building with plenty of little nooks to take photos at.

These two were so much fun to work with!  So much laughter was had on their wedding day –  it was definitely one I will not forget!  Here is how they chose to do it…