What a lovely, cosy wedding this was.  Amy and Nick decided to have a small ceremony followed by dinner with some of their nearest and dearest, all at Epocha restaurant in Carlton.  It was a chilly Melbourne night but it was so warm inside the restaurant.  The lights were all dim and candles were lit, creating a super chill and cosy atmosphere.  Amy and Nick were greeting guests as they walked in, having a glass of champagne to calm the nerves.  It was so nice to see everyone so relaxed and happy!  I was able to challenge myself creatively as there was no ambient light to guide me.  It was so much fun and it was such a cool environment!  Thanks Amy and Nick for allowing me this great opportunity : )


Dante was born on the 19th of April – a day after my Dads (his grandfather) birthday and a day before my brothers (his uncle) birthday!  How perfect was his timing!!  I am so proud to introduce my little nephew to you because he is just adorable and I love him SO MUCH!

I love the faces you get from a newborn.  The just waking up faces (which are the first few photos below) make me laugh the most!  Dante has big expectations though because our family is known for pulling some intense faces.  Just look at ANY family photo we have taken : )

anyway, now it is time for you to enjoy this little newbies photo session ..